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There are an estimated 1.5 BILLION (with a “B”) learners of English around the world, and they are looking for teachers! Could you be one of them?
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Q: Worldwide, how many people do you think study English?

A: More than 1 BILLION according to the British Council!

Q: Do you think you could sign up maybe 10-15 of them?

A: Yes, you can! And I am going to show you how to find them, sign them up, and give them fun, effective lessons that will turn them into loyal students who refer their friends to you. Let's build YOUR tribe!

(Actually, you can start with just a few students, and let word of mouth do the work for you!)

Access Section 1 of my comprehensive course for FREE!

Section 1: Who can teach English online and why it could be just what you're looking for. Watch it for free.

English is in high demand around the world. Already more than one BILLION people around the world study English, and that number just keeps growing. As a native or near-native speaker of English, you have a skill which others desperately want. With the internet, you can teach people around the world! Teach from the comfort of your home - or explore the world while teaching online funds your travels.

Here's what you'll learn!

Each week a new lesson, each a step toward preparing you to become an excellent online teacher!

Section #1: Introduction

Meet your instructor. Teaching English online is ideal for many people. Could it be right for you? What are some of the advantages to teaching English online? And, can you do it? Watch the Section 1 video for FREE.

Accessible immediately.

Section #2: Tech Setup

For many, the idea of teaching online is appealing - but they dread the technical aspects. Relax! These days, tech is easier than ever, and need not be a roadblock to your teaching online. Learn what you need (it isn't really that much!), and what you don't. Learn why you probably DON'T need a website to start teaching. Don't let an unwarranted fear of the tech setup stop you from getting started on what could be an enjoyable and rewarding career!

Accessible after 1 day.

Subsequent lessons become available each week. Lessons build upon one another. You are encouraged to complete exercises for each lesson before moving on to the next lesson.

Section #3: Getting yourself ready to teach

You speak English, yes. But I'll help you polish up your skills a bit before you begin teaching. Topics include:  Do you need a TEFL or CELTA teaching certificate? A university degree?  Which teaching materials should you invest in? Tidying up your own grammar and speech, developing a niche, and more. After completing this section you'll be ready to put your best foot forward as you begin teaching!

** Coaching session 1 with John **

Section #4: Working with online schools

There are TONS of online language schools today. Learn who some of the biggies are. Learn how they operate, and what they do for teachers. What are typical requirements? What are the Pros and Cons of working for an online school? Could working for an online school be for you? What are matchmaking sites, and could they be an alternative for you?

Section #5: Going solo

Many teachers of English prefer to work on their own, down the road if not Day 1. What does going solo really entail? What are the Pros and Cons? You'll need policies - what should they look like? How can you determine what to charge? How should you market yourself?  Will you need a website? How do you define your niche? Yes, going solo can cause some nerves initially, but being your own boss is wonderful!

** Coaching session 2 with John **

Section #6: The Assessment Chat

The Assessment Chat is typically the first real contact that you have with a prospective student. It's a free conversation of perhaps 20 minutes in which you and the student get to know each other. Done correctly, the Assessment Chat will "seal the deal" and you'll sign up an enthusiastic new student. But the Assessment Chat is much more than a marketing tool. It's a chance to verify the connection, to gather important information about your new student, and to avert potential headaches down the road. I'll show you how I conduct Assessment Chats - which have been extremely effective for me - and also discuss what follow-up you should do.

Section #7: Scheduling

When you start you teaching, scheduling is not an issue. You just want to fill all those open slots! But there is more to creating an effective schedule than you might imagine. What does a "typical" teaching schedule look like? How do you deal with time zone differences? How do you deal with cancellations and reschedules? I'll share many tips learned the hard way, so that you can avoid headaches.

Section #8: Lesson Planning

Some EFL (English as a foreign language) teachers are amazingly slack when it comes to lesson preparation. Don't you be one of them! Solid lesson plans lead to great classes - which in turn lead to satisfied, loyal students who send you referrals! But...creating lesson plans can be very time consuming, especially as you begin teaching. You need a system so that you can work efficiently. I'll show you exactly how I do my lesson planning, from materials I use to what screens and files I have open as I sit down to do the next week's plans.

Section #9: Conducting classes

As a new EFL teacher, what you probably really want to know is how to conduct a class. Amazingly, other courses about how to teach English online sidestep this topic, saying things like, "Your classes will be mostly conversation." How is THAT helpful?!

But I tackle this topic head on. We'll look at the overall structure of a class, including how to open and close a class, and how to pace it. We'll discuss common problems which many students have, and I'll share tons of tips for teaching grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing, and literature. We'll talk about using articles (perhaps my very favorite activity), and videos, and song lyrics. I'll tell you about some of the websites and materials I use most often. And more... So relax. I will share years of tips with you, so that your students will think that you are just awesome! (And you WILL be!)

** Coaching session 3 with John **

Section #10: Administration

Whether you intend to teach English online full-time or just a few hours a week, everything will go smoother if you are organized and businesslike. So we'll discuss things such as getting organized at the beginning, what to do after signing up a new student, having fair and effective policies, and a bit about...ugh...taxes.

BONUS Section: Beyond teaching

Teaching English online can even lead to a life of travel. Sit down in a comfy chair and imagine the possibilities...

IN EVERY SECTION, you'll receive an introductory video from me, an MP4 slide deck, a PDF transcript, and an MP3 which you can listen to wherever you are. PLUS, you'll also receive bonuses  and worksheets to help you make key decisions: What should your niche be? How much should you charge? etc.

This course is designed to be actionable. Please complete activities and worksheets after each lesson and before the next one. 

PLUS: Three 20-minute, 1-on-1 coaching sessions with John. Invaluable!

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This is the course you've been looking for!

Other courses promise to show you how to teach English online, but instead tell you how to set up a website and make YouTube videos - and tell you NOTHING, ZIP, NADA about actually teaching a class! But this course is different. This is the course that boldly goes...where no course has gone before!


Why sign up for this course?

  • Crash through the tech setup quickly so you can actually TEACH! (And it isn't that tough!)
  • Avoid wasting your time - and money - on non-productive activities (TEFL certification, website, a YouTube channel)
  • Market yourself effectively with techniques which bring quick results
  • Reduce the time you spend in lesson planning and administrivia
  • Deliver fun, effective lessons that will make students adore you! (= loyalty! = referrals!)
  • Make a little $$ on the side, or build a continuing, recession-proof income
  • Be your own boss! (I've been a wage slave. Being the boss is better.)
  • Enjoy your work again!
  • Start earning money fast!
  • Work from home in your underwear! (Just don't stand up! Please!)
  • Fund world explorations with a truly portable income. (Have PC, will travel.)
  • Build a community of students who look forward to your classes.
  • Share not only your English, but your work and life experience.

Who is John Clites anyway, and why should I listen to him?

John is a US citizen who has been teaching English abroad since 2008. Early in 2012 he began teaching English online. Teaching English online allows John to maintain his income as he travels about. You could do the same!

In addition to teaching online, John writes freelance. He has written extensively for Transitions Abroad, International Living, and Live and Invest Overseas. He is the author of Live Well in Rio: The Untourist Guide, and Teaching English in Brazil.

Below are pictures of John meeting with some of his students. It's a great feeling to know that you are someone special to your students!

With students in Rio de Janeiro

With students in São Paulo

With Stela and Pedro in São Paulo

I'm John Clites, the creator of Teach English online...from anywhere. I still teach students online, 1-on-1, as I have since 2012, because I love it. Look, if you want 2,000 subscribers on YouTube, you want to buy that Askew guy's course. But if you'd like to teach dedicated and appreciative students 1-on-1, to really build relationship and change lives, then my course is what you want. I am sincere about teaching. Below you can read comments from some of my students. Do you have questions? Write to me directly at

I'm John Clites, the creator of Teach English online...from anywhere. I still teach students online, 1-on-1, as I have since 2012, because I love it. Look, if you want 2,000 subscribers on YouTube, you want to buy that Askew guy's course. But if you'd like to teach dedicated and appreciative students 1-on-1, to really build relationship and change lives, then my course is what you want. I am sincere about teaching. Below you can read comments from some of my students. Do you have questions? Write to me directly at

Look inside to see what you'll receive in this COMPREHENSIVE course!

  • Name
    Before I found John's course I had bought a very expensive online course on how to teach English. The entire course came and went without a single word on how to actually TEACH. It taught me about websites and advertising and all that - but nothing on teaching.

    Not only does John's course include all the startup stuff, but he goes into massive detail on the most important aspect: how to actually teach an English class. This is the best and most comprehensive course on how to truly teach English - either on the side or full time.
    Tommy Cleary, USA

The world needs English! Share what you know!

Mark Twain said:

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover."

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Buy this version of the course, and receive the digital content of version 2 (due by the end of 2022) absolutely free! Version 2 is based on short videos for easier consumtion, and contains even more content, especially in the Tech Setup and Delivering lessons sections. Questions? Just write to me at

Your purchase is guaranteed. This course is hosted on Teachable, which holds your payment for 30 days. During that 30 days, if you decide that this ourse is not for you (but I think you'll be impressed by all that you get!), simply request a refund and it's done. So you have nothing to lose. Your guarantee is backed not only by my word, but by Teachable's. So why not do this? Yoy can easily make 2, even 3 or 4 times your investment every single month - all the while helping deserving students around the world reach their goals in life. Seriously, what could be better?

What people are saying about the course How to Teach English Online...from Anywhere!

  • Tommy Cleary, United States
    Before I found John's course I had bought a very expensive online course on how to teach English. The entire course came and went without a single word on how to actually TEACH. It taught me about websites and advertising and all that - but nothing on teaching. Not only does John's course include all the startup stuff, but he goes into massive detail on the most important aspect: how to actually teach an English class. This is the best and most comprehensive course on how to truly teach English - either on the side or full time.
    Tommy Cleary, United States
  • Matt Paulocelli, United States
    Wow!...This course takes the guesswork out of teaching online! Best money I have ever spent!. I have been teaching abroad first in Brazil and currently in Vietnam for about the last seven and a half years. While I do enjoy teaching [face to face], there are many aspects of your typical ESL job that have encouraged me to look for other work and other options... I have wanted to teach online for quite some time but was skeptical as to whether anyone would take me under their wing and show me how to do this. So, as I began this course, I had many questions as to how I was going to teach English online. "How do I find students? What do I charge? Where do I go for ESL resources?" All of this and much more is covered in John's course. Furthermore, When I needed any further questions answered or explained further, John emailed me with a thorough answer within a day! Only question I have is for myself. 'Why did I wait so long to buy John's course and begin doing this?'   I am thrilled to be starting my online teaching next week! Thanks John!
    Matt Paulocelli, United States
  • Lee Harrision, United States

    I’ve seen a lot of similar courses over the years, and they most-often share the same fault: they’re long on inspiration and motivation, but short on practical content.

    That’s not the case with this course. I found it to have the practical details necessary to get started and underway.

    For example, the section on Tech Setup tells you what you really need to set up your work area. It doesn’t try to impress you with technical sophistication, or underplay what you need to do.

    Also, unlike many other programs, I found that it set realistic expectations for success.

    Not everyone is an experienced teacher, let along an online teacher. I liked that it laid out options for the inexperienced student… for those who never taught… or those who don’t have a teaching degree.

    We’d all like to jump right to the finish line. But this course lays out a realistic progression to success in online English teaching.

    I’d recommend it to a friend.

    Lee Harrision, United States
  • Susan Orr, Canada
    Even though I'm retiring in 2 years and moving overseas, I still want to contribute to the work force and hopefully make a difference in someone's life. But I don't want to be tied down to one location...I need a portable career, a job that can be done from any country I choose to live in. That's exactly what I've found by taking John's course!!!!
    John's lessons offer tons of valuable information, tips and solid knowledge on how to get started teaching English online whether you want to start with a school or strike out on your own for greater earning potential. Each module addresses different concerns new teachers have from worrying about the "tech" stuff to how to actually assess students, prepare lesson plans and get you on the road to teaching your first class. John provides additional materials with each exercise, giving you ideas for the best books to buy, websites to peruse for lesson planning, gear to purchase, how to promote yourself and find students and figure out what you should be charging for your classes.
    The best part about John's course is his availability to answer any questions you's like having your own personal instructor!  With his years of experience and passion for teaching English online, John's enthusiasm and knowledge is worth every penny that you'll pay for this course!!! I highly recommend enrolling in his program whether you want extra cash in your pocket or a new lifestyle...I'm so excited to put to good use everything that John has taught me!
    Susan Orr, Canada
  • Elani de Wet, South Africa
    John is an excellent teacher...  John’s course miraculously came to me at a time when I was considering to start teaching English online. I taught face-to-face English lessons for a year while living in Rio, and John’s book “Come teach English in Brazil” prepared me and helped me avoid typical mistakes made by English teachers. His passion to teach and help others achieve their goals is very inspiring. This course has helped me by giving very practical guide lines as to how to start and how to actually teach and give a lesson online. The wonderful thing is that John actually has first-hand experience and shares this knowledge. I’ve done a TEFL certification and found that it hasn’t really helped in that it only focuses on teaching group classes and doesn’t give practical advice on things like assessment chats, scheduling, tech setup, admin and online teaching.  One of my greatest challenges as a teacher was traveling from one student to the next, spending lots of time and money on transport. Teaching online has become a very practical solution to not only save me time and money but also offer my students more flexibility. This course is excellent for the transition from face to face lessons to online lessons, since there is a huge difference between the two.
    Elani de Wet, South Africa
  • Kathleen Hansen, USA
    Wow! Excellent, thorough, and inspiring!  I am impressed and enthusiastic about this course.  The way the material is presented is accessible, thorough, and fun!  John's writing voice and style make this course a delight.  The course is well organized, easy to follow and he provides tons of value.  He really knows his material and is sharing an incredible gift. I loved the practice of listing life assets in order to determine my niche.(I have value I hadn't thought of!)   I've been looking for a side gig to bring in a bit more money which would allow me to work from home...and perhaps someday take it on the road. I've found it!
    Kathleen Hansen, USA
  • Nick Ferreira, Canada
    Purchasing John's online teaching course on how to teach English from anywhere was one of the best investments I could have made, in other words, worth every penny! I was serious about teaching English from home and this program really breaks down everything you need to know from a very experienced English teacher. John's course is highly detailed and well thought out, to help you become the best at what you enjoy doing, teaching English.
    Nick Ferreira, Canada

What John's personal online students say about his teaching skills...

  • Andréa Guerra, M.D., Ph.D.
    John has been my teacher for four years now, and I could not be more satisfied . His approach is simple and friendly, which makes learning easy. My listening skills, vocabulary and accent have improved a lot and I have increased my confidence in speaking.
    Andréa Guerra, M.D., Ph.D. Full Professor of Medical Genetics, State University of Campinas, Brazil.Student since 2013.
  • Helena Guerra
    My name is Helena Guerra and I'm a medical student. I've been studying with john for about 2 and a half years. Recently I spent a month in NYC doing a dermatology elective at Cornell University.  John helped me a lot to prepare myself to go there. And the result came when a patient who used to be a high school English teacher in N.Y. told me I had a very good English. I was also able to attend patients by myself and discuss diseases with the teachers; this showed me how prepared I was. Class with John is always fun. He manages to make every class pleasure. What I like the most in our classes is learning new idioms. He has lots of materials to work with and you never get bored.
    Helena Guerra Medical school student. With John since 2014.
  • Elaine Santos Freire
    I like to be "English coached" by John because he has the four elements necessary to learn a new language: nice teaching technique, a global culture level, good humor and professionalism. I prefer to use my free time living great moments... John's class is more than learning... it is to share experiences.
    Elaine Santos Freire Currently a stay-at-home mom
  • Aline Leonardi
    I have been John´s student for 8 years. Our classes are focused on conversation and discussion about the current topics in Brazil and all around the world. With the conversation classes I could improve my pronunciation and grammar. But in my opinion the most important [thing I learned in] our 8 years of classes together was losing my inhibition for conversation with natives Americans. This was really most important for me, thanks to the John´s professionalism and dedication.
    Aline Leonardi Accounting Manager, Petrobras. With John since 2009.
  • Natasha Gaertner
    John is a wonderful teacher and his classes have a great dynamic. He observes the students' difficulties and adapts the classes to address the issues. Every Friday, he sends the next week's plans. He is concerned about bringing different materials and is open to suggestions. John is always in a good mood and the way he leads his life is such an inspiration. My English classes are really a fun time that make me feel better during the day as I have a very stressful job. This is my first experience studying online. Online classes fit well into my hectic schedule.
    Natasha Gaertner Financial Specialist, Neoenergia. Student since 2016.
  • Alysson Wagner Salomão
    Our classes are mostly based on conversation, which helps me to get much out of every situation in English I have been faced with, from meetings and conference calls with foreign clients to trips and courses abroad.
    As John is a cultured and nice guy,  we talk a lot about the most diverse matters, which makes learning really natural. John has also really good taste in music, and knows how to use it to teach.
    I am also obtaining great results at work thanks to better quality of my e-mails, reports and memos in English
    Alysson Wagner Salomão Partner, LRI Advogados, São Paulo. Student since 2012. (One of John's first online students!)
  • Renata Dallago. Student since 2017.
    I'm a pediatrician and I did other English class for 6 years, but I never talked in English because I didn't feel safe. I have started my English class with John 2 months ago and I have [been] talking with him, I think that I have [been] getting better every day. Today it's easier to watch movies and hear music in English or sometimes with subtitle in English. I'm recommending John's English class because I trust him and his classes is customize for the trouble of each student, it's very nice!
    Renata Dallago. Student since 2017. Pediatrician
  • Stela Carpini
    At first, English class by video didn't sound attractive to me because it's tough to hold my attention, but now, I know I couldn't choose a better way and a better person! As an endocrine fellow, I have a complicated and busy schedule. [T]his way, the English classes with John by Skype are perfect! I still can have classes from different places! I've been studying with him for 7 months and I couldn't be more satisfied! I spend one month at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto recently and our English classes were very helpful!
    Stela Carpini Pediatrician
  • Eduardo Marinho
    John has been my English teacher for the last 7 years. With him I improved my accent, pronunciation, writing skills and other things. I am still studying with him to keep a good proficiency with the language. What I [like about] John as a teacher is his commitment, and the opportunity to talk about different subjects in another language. This second is very interesting when we compare to the formal courses. In regular courses the text books often simulate simple subjects and common life situations. However, with him I can discuss interesting ideas about different areas (sports, economics, job situations, world affair, etc) with pleasure.
    Eduardo Marinho Financial analyst, Venture capital. John's student since 2010.
  • Edson Lobo
    I've been having classes on Skype with John for two years. He is a very good teacher, always concerned about finding subjects that could interest me and he is incredibly at ease in every field of knowledge, including my professional area that is pancreatic and biliary surgery. Music, literature, TED subjects, etc, in a very friendly way to communicate, showing my mistakes very politely. Really very pleasant.
    Edson Lobo Surgeon, Internal Medicine. John's student since 2016.


I want you to succeed, and I know that you'll have questions. So I've built three 20-minute coaching sessions into this course at strategic points, after Sections 3, 5, and 9. Let's start you off right on your path to success!

You can do this! I'll show you everything you need to be up and earning quickly. Let's do this...together!

Do you still have questions? If so, please write to me directly at

I love teaching English online! Let's see if it could be right for you, too!

You can do this! I'll show you everything you need to be up and earning quickly. Let's do this...together!