Choose John when you need an experienced, professional, dependable English instructor

The ideal choice for pre-intermediate to advanced learners who want to take their English to the next level, and for those who need assistance with more challenging tasks. See SPECIALTIES below.

SUMMARY: Experienced, mature, professional English instructor. More than nine years teaching English. Bachelors degree, MBA, TEFL certificate. Educated, neutral American accent. Results oriented. Focused on delivering to each student what he or she needs. Strong 20-year business background (manufacturing, banking, consulting, and software). See STUDENT TESTIMONIALS slider below.


  • Business English

  • CVs/resumes/cover letters in English

  • Interview coaching

  • Assistance applying for study/work/internship programs abroad

  • North American "culture coaching" for those who will go there

  • Review and editing of professional/research papers

  • Accent refinement

Please no children or beginners.


I do not confine myself to using one text or manner of teaching, because students have varying needs. I will create a customized program of study for you, based on your goals and your timeline.

I have many, many materials for teaching grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary (general and specific), phrasal verbs, and writing. I also like to read and discuss news and other articles from the internet.

And if you would just like conversation practice with an intelligent, traveled, educated native speaker, well, I can provide that, too!

Let's schedule an ASSESSMENT CHAT (see below) to set up a custom program for YOU!


Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with honors. Minor in English. Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA. 1980.

Masters in Business Administration. University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 1990.

TEFL certification. TEFL International. Residency program, Costa Rica, 2008.


  • Andréa Guerra, M.D., Ph.D.
    John has been my teacher for four years now, and I could not be more satisfied. His approach is simple and friendly, which makes learning easy. My listening skills, vocabulary and accent have improved a lot and I have increased my confidence in speaking.
    Andréa Guerra, M.D., Ph.D. Full Professor of Medical Genetics, State University of Campinas, Brazil.Student since 2013.
  • Helena Guerra
    My name is Helena Guerra and I'm a medical student. I've been studying with John for about 2 and a half years. Recently I spent a month in NYC doing a dermatology elective at Cornell University.  John helped me a lot to prepare myself to go there. And the result came when a patient who used to be a high school English teacher in N.Y. told me I had a very good English. I was also able to attend patients by myself and discuss diseases with the teachers; this showed me how prepared I was. Class with John is always fun. He manages to make every class pleasure. What I like the most in our classes is learning new idioms. He has lots of materials to work with and you never get bored.
    Helena Guerra Medical school student. With John since 2014.
  • Elaine Santos Freire
    I like to be "English coached" by John because he has the four elements necessary to learn a new language: nice teaching technique, a global culture level, good humor and professionalism. I prefer to use my free time living great moments... John's class is more than learning... it is to share experiences.
    Elaine Santos Freire Currently a stay-at-home mom
  • Aline Leonardi
    I have been John´s student for 8 years. Our classes are focused on conversation and discussion about the current topics in Brazil and all around the world. With the conversation classes I could improve my pronunciation and grammar. But in my opinion the most important [thing I learned in] our 8 years of classes together was losing my inhibition for conversation with natives Americans. This was really most important for me, thanks to the John´s professionalism and dedication.
    Aline Leonardi Accounting Manager, Petrobras. With John since 2009.
  • Natasha Gaertner
    John is a wonderful teacher and his classes have a great dynamic. He observes the students' difficulties and adapts the classes to address the issues. Every Friday, he sends the next week's plans. He is concerned about bringing different materials and is open to suggestions. John is always in a good mood and the way he leads his life is such an inspiration. My English classes are really a fun time that make me feel better during the day as I have a very stressful job. This is my first experience studying online. Online classes fit well into my hectic schedule.
    Natasha Gaertner Financial Specialist, Neoenergia. Student since 2016.
  • Alysson Wagner Salomão
    Our classes are mostly based on conversation, which helps me to get much out of every situation in English I have been faced with, from meetings and conference calls with foreign clients to trips and courses abroad.
    As John is a cultured and nice guy,  we talk a lot about the most diverse matters, which makes learning really natural. John has also really good taste in music, and knows how to use it to teach.
    I am also obtaining great results at work thanks to better quality of my e-mails, reports and memos in English
    Alysson Wagner Salomão Partner, LRI Advogados, São Paulo. Student since 2012. (One of John's first online students!)
  • Renata Dallago
    I'm a pediatrician and I did other English class for 6 years, but I never talked in English because I didn't feel safe. I have started my English class with John 2 months ago and I have [been] talking with him, I think that I have [been] getting better every day. Today it's easier to watch movies and hear music in English or sometimes with subtitle in English. I'm recommending John's English class because I trust him and his classes is customize for the trouble of each student, it's very nice!
    Renata Dallago Pediatrician. Student since 2017.
  • Stela Carpini
    At first, English class by video didn't sound attractive to me because it's tough to hold my attention, but now, I know I couldn't choose a better way and a better person! As an endocrine fellow, I have a complicated and busy schedule. [T]his way, the English classes with John by Skype are perfect! I still can have classes from different places! I've been studying with him for 7 months and I couldn't be more satisfied! I spend one month at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto recently and our English classes were very helpful!
    Stela Carpini Pediatrician. With John since 2016.
  • Eduardo Marinho
    John has been my English teacher for the last 7 years. With him I improved my accent, pronunciation, writing skills and other things. I am still studying with him to keep a good proficiency with the language. What I [like about] John as a teacher is his commitment, and the opportunity to talk about different subjects in another language. This second is very interesting when we compare to the formal courses. In regular courses the text books often simulate simple subjects and common life situations. However, with him I can discuss interesting ideas about different areas (sports, economics, job situations, world affair, etc) with pleasure.
    Eduardo Marinho Financial analyst, Venture capital. John's student since 2010.
  • Edson Lobo
    I've been having classes on Skype with John for two years. He is a very good teacher, always concerned about finding subjects that could interest me and he is incredibly at ease in every field of knowledge, including my professional area that is pancreatic and biliary surgery. Music, literature, TED subjects, etc, in a very friendly way to communicate, showing my mistakes very politely. Really very pleasant.
    Edson Lobo Surgeon, Internal Medicine. John's student since 2016.


  • English, native speaker. Neutral, US accent.

  • Brazilian Portuguese. Proficient.

  • Spanish. Conversant.


I request payment in advance, at the beginning of each month. Rates as of January, 2018, are: 110 USD per month for classes once per week (4-5 classes) and 200 USD per month for classes twice per week (8-9 classes). I have a PayPal account.

Cancelations the day of class are subject to forfeit (loss). However, in practice I will try to reschedule a class when possible. Let's treat each other fairly and work together.


I live near São Paulo, Brazil. The time zone here is generally UTC/GMT -3 hours, except during Brazilian summer hours, when it is UTC/GMT -2 hours.

I generally am available for classes 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM Monday-Thursday, and 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Fridays. I also work Saturdays 8:00 AM - 12:00 noon. All times are São Paulo time. I can be flexible within reason if you need classes at other times.


I'd like to offer you a free 20-minute Assessment Chat to discuss your goals, and to answer any questions you may have. The Assessment Chat gives us a chance to know one another, and to see if we will be a good "fit." With the information I obtain, I can create a customized course of study to help you achieve your particular goals.

There is no cost or obligation for the Assessment Chat. Write to me at

Please no children or beginners.


  • My experience allows me to quickly assess your needs and areas for improvement.

  • We will follow a customized course of study created specifically for YOU.

  • I am results oriented. Let's move you quickly toward your goals.

  • I have many, many materials. No need for you to buy much.

  • I can provide assistance and services which, frankly, many other EFL teachers can't.

  • I am commited to your success. Teaching is about more than money to me.

  • I try to be professional, but also personable. Let's have some fun together!

Who is John Clites?

John is a US citizen who has been teaching English abroad since 2008. Early in 2012 he began teaching English online.

In addition to teaching online, John writes freelance. He has written extensively for Transitions Abroad, International Living, and Live and Invest Overseas. He is the author of Live Well in Rio: The Untourist Guide, and Teaching English in Brazil.

Do you still have questions? If so, please write to John directly at

"I love helping my students reach their goals! Let's see if we might make a good team!"