Teaching English online is great work for people from many walks of life: retirees, university students and recent graduates, stay-at-home moms and dads, those between jobs, folks with a yearning to travel (but not the wallet!) – just to name a few. You can watch this YouTube video to learn a bit about why I think teaching English online can be the perfect money-generating activity for all of these groups.

Almost certainly, you know some folks who would enjoy teaching online. Why not tell them about my course – and make a tidy commission just for connecting them with me?

Here are some frequently-asked questions. And if you don’t find what you are looking for here, please write to me at contact@howtoteachenglishonline.net with your question.

So how does being an affiliate work?

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It's actually quite simple. My course, "How to teach English online...from anywhere," is hosted with Teachable.com. Within Teachable, we create a tracking link specifically for you. When clicked, this link takes a visitor to my Learn-More page. It also tracks that YOU sent the visitor there. If that visitor then subscribes, Teachable knows this because of the unique tracking code embedded in your link, and pays a commission to you.

How much do I make?

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I pay a very generous 40% commission. The full price of the course is US$298, so 40% would be US$119. If a coupon is redeemed at the time of signing up, you will receive 40% of the net subscription price.

How do I receive payment?

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Payments are made into PayPal, so you will need to have a PayPal account. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, you can click here to open one for free.

When do I receive payment?

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Teachable processes payouts - to me as the course owner and to you as an affiliate - on the first business day of each month. Note that there may be a delay of a few weeks before you receive your commissions. This is because Teachable mandates that all courses, including mine, offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So payouts aren't made until after that period, to net out any cancellations. (So far I've had only one!) As an example, you receive commissions on the first business day of July for net sales attributable to you made in May.

How do I know what commissions I am due?

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At any time you can log into Teachable, click "Admin" in the upper right, and view your Affiliate activity, including sales and next payout.

What happens if someone I refer visits your Learn-More page, but doesn’t sign up right away?

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Got you covered! Little bits of code called "cookies" track visitors to my Learn-More page. If a visitor you referred doesn't subscribe immediately, but returns and subscribes within 365 days - one full year - as long as the cookies are in place you still receive your commission!

Do I need to have a website to become an affiliate?

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No, you don't! We keep it simple. Your tracking code will work on an HTML website, but it will also work if sent in an email or a PDF, or if posted on Facebook. So you can contact potential course subscribers in a few different ways - choosing those which you prefer.

Do you have any tips for encouraging people to subscribe?

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First, realize that you aren't "selling" anything - you are presenting people an enjoyable way to make money, while truly helping others. Think about folks who not only could use some additional income, but who have pleasant personalities. Then, simply tell the prospective subscriber what you liked about the course, or why you thought the course might be right for him or her.

Do I need to be a subscriber myself to become an affiliate?

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No, but understanding the course make-up will help you when connecting with a prospect. If you aren't a course subscriber, but perhaps have a website or administer a Facebook group with a relevant audience, then contact me and let's get you up to speed about the course.

I’m ready to get started! How do I get set up?

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First, if you are not a course subscriber, I'll need to set you up in the Teachable system. Then, I set your profile to "Affiliate" and set your affiliate payout rate (40%). Then we need to enter your email address which is linked to your PayPal account, and then generate your link. The whole process can be done in 5 minutes if we have your login credentials and PayPal email address. I can do it all for you.

Ready, Freddy? Then let’s do this thing…together!

Write to me: contact@howtoteachenglishonline.net.